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Revenue Optimization

HMA’s revenue optimization services focus on addressing issues that are an integral part of our income maximization strategy.

We develop benchmarking revenue projections for each client based on their individual data and contractual relationships. Given the number of practices we manage, we have accumulated unmatched knowledge and experience in the revenue projection process, and advise each client accordingly.

Through our ongoing revenue analytics, we compare actual billing results to the benchmarks that are developed for each practice. Our findings are presented to the practice representatives and used to optimize each client's revenue stream and overall revenue performance.

Our Revenue Optimization services include:

  • Billing system or service bureau selection
  • Revenue projection development
  • One-time or ongoing assessment of the performance of the billing organization
  • Third party payer contracting analysis and negotiation
  • Expanding practice sources of revenue
  • PHO/IPA, ACO and global payment strategies
  • Coding and payment policy research
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