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HMA has worked with hundreds of physician practices and hospital executives. We serve a variety of physician specialties, working toward long term relationships with each of our clients to help them achieve and exceed their business objectives.

  • For you two (Jonathan and Jolan), I have nothing but admiration and respect.  It's safe to say SCAA would never have gotten started without your guidance.  Without your ongoing support and leadership, we couldn't have become one of the best practices in the region.  Thank you, thank you.  We proved that if you build a practice based on equality, transparency and flexibility, they will come.

    - Anesthesiologist in RI
  • I greatly appreciate everything Jolan and Jonathan have done for our group over these many years.  We've all managed to form and maintain a most remarkable anesthesia group.  With your help the group continues to be one of the most respected and admired private anesthesia departments in Massachusetts.  The hospital support we enjoy based on your business plan and our reputation continues to amaze me.   

    - Dr. Babcock
  • During turbulent economic times, Health Management Associates has assisted us in negotiating hospital and third party contracts. They have helped monitor our billing service and they have always given us sound business advice. In short, retaining this company has been one of the best business judgments and investments our group has made.

    - Kevin V. Loughlin, MD
    Chief of Radiology, Steward Norwood Hospital
    Medical Director, Steward PET, LLC
  • My group and I have been HMA clients for three decades. Jonathan and his team have helped us to handle the many aspects of practice management that most of us are ill-equipped and ill-trained to handle – billing problems, contract negotiations, personnel issues, payroll, compliance, etc. – including those issues that are complicated by a practice working at multiple sites.  Jonathan has been a tireless advocate for our group, and has always responded quickly and effectively to whatever we have needed over the years. His many years of experience have given him the knowledge of medical practice in our region, so that he can inform us of the best ways to position ourselves to survive in a constantly changing environment.  Suffice it to say that I don’t think that my group would exist without our partnership with HMA.

    - William D. Kasimer, MD
    President, Metro South Pathology
    Chief of Pathology, South Shore Hospital
  • We have utilized the services of Health Management Associates, and specifically Jonathan Richman, for 35 years. Mr. Richman's advice has always been thoughtful and carefully analyzed prior to presentation to our leadership. He has assisted us in major practice decisions over the years and has always been correct in his analysis of the specific situation. We deeply appreciate Mr. Richman's expertise and his commitment to our practice.

    Schatzki Associates, Inc.
  • Commonwealth Radiology Associates has been a client of HMA’s for 10 years. We see them more as a partner than “service provider.” They have skillfully guided us in all major corporate decisions and provided advice on smart growth strategies as well as daily operational issues. In addition to management consulting they have directed us to excellent billing, legal, accounting and benefits experts. Our relationship with HMA has allowed us to function efficiently and successfully without the burden of an in-house management team. Jonathan Richman has put together a team that provides the highest quality healthcare consulting service in the region. Commonwealth Radiology Associates certainly wouldn’t be where it is today without the guidance and expertise of Health Management Associates. We are lucky to have them as partners.

    - Allan Hoffman, M.D.,
    Commonwealth Radiology Associates, Inc.
  • For over 30 years HMA has been with us - monitoring the performance of our in-house billing operation and preparing us for the potential changes on the horizon. I have personally worked with Jonathan and his team for 12 years now, and they have been a valuable partner in improving our group's billing performance and financial stability. HMA listens to what their clients need and builds their support to meet those needs.

    - Executive Director
    Department of Pathology
    Major Academic Medical Center
  • I have been using Health Management Associates since late 2005. Their assistance has been invaluable to me as I prepared to take over a private practice, hospital-based anesthesia contract.

    Over the years, I have relied upon their expertise to help me with revenue projection, managed care contract negotiations, and bookkeeping services, to name a few items.

    I’ve had a consistent point person, which was important to me for continuity and accountability, but have also had the benefit of the entire group when issues would come up that required different projects and/or areas of specialty, such as period payment audits to provide oversight to the billing company.

    I’m a hands-on person, but found I could offload certain tasks to HMA, which allowed me to focus on more important tasks, and also provided a layer of separation with my staff when it was helpful to do so.

    HMA doesn’t offer a “one-size fits all” approach, and will tailor their role to your group’s needs, wants, and strengths.

    They have been worth every bit of their monthly fee and have served as a partner in the business side of the practice, thereby providing peace of mind. They have always been available for me, through email or phone call, or in-person meetings, and they have my strongest possible endorsement.

    - Mark Lebovits, MD,
    Park Anesthesia Associates, Inc.
  • Our group practice has relied on Fred Romano at Health Management Associates (HMA) for many decades, and we have been extremely satisfied with all aspects of the services he and the HMA team have provided us. Commonwealth Pathology Partners (CPP) is a 14 pathologist multi-site pathology group servicing the 2 largest community hospitals in the Partners network. In addition to our pathologists, CPP employs multiple non-physician staff, and services many clients outside of our institutions.  We therefore have complex needs, both operational and strategic in nature. Fred and the entire HMA team have been uniquely adept at providing a wealth of business expertise and helpful resources including bookkeeping services and invaluable support with regard to: physician and non-physician contracting, corporate insurance needs, recruiting efforts, audits, mergers, managing payor-relationships, analysis of our corporate performance as well as the performance of our billing vendors, regulatory issues and strategic planning.  I view CPP’s relationship with HMA as a longstanding partnership that has been critical to our success. I highly encourage other pathologists/pathology groups as well as other hospital based specialists to reach out to HMA to help you with your business needs, and I would be happy to discuss our experience with HMA in more detail.

    - Anthony J. Guidi, M.D. | President, Commonwealth Pathology Partners, P.C.
    Chair, Department of Pathology
    Newton-Wellesley Hospital
  • HMA helped us to establish our practice almost 30 years ago. They have been teaching us, advising us, and assisting us in managing our business ever since with wisdom, insight, vision and creativity. Their comprehensive personalized services, availability, expertise and long experience with practices like ours have added tremendous value, and they have been crucial to our success. They are highly respected by practicing physicians and by hospital executives. We recommend them enthusiastically.

    Commonwealth Anesthesia Associates, Inc.
  • NERA has been working with HMA over 25 years. HMA has provided the utmost attention to all of our financial and administrative needs to the finest detail. They have always anticipated any problems and very professionally have helped and advised us through many difficult situations. We have always found them to be efficient, responsive and friendly.

    - Bruce Cooper, MD
    Northeast Radiology Associates
  • No surprise to me that HMA has been in business for 35 years. Jonathan Richman and Fred Romano have been providing timely advice to all aspects of our business for the past 16 years and have been a major contributor to our success as an independent group. We look forward to our continued relationship. Congratulations HMA!

    - Don Pasquarello, MD FAAEM
    Northeast Emergency Associates
  • Boston Medical Center (Boston University Mallory Pathology Associates) has relied on the professional guidance of Jonathan Richman and his HMA associates for over 30 years. During that period HMA has provided meticulous oversight of our billing operations; kept us abreast of changing regulations and local and national trends in our specialty and have consistently provided prudent and ethical advice related to our practice initiatives and finances. Jonathan and his associates have played an important role in our success over the years.

    - Michael J O'Brien, MD, MPH
    Chief of Anatomic Pathology
    Boston University Medical Center
  • As a new Chief of Pathology in 1993, I felt the business side of the running the group would take precious time away from the practice of pathology. Hiring Health Management Associates has been one of the best decisions I've made. I have been blessed to have Fred Romano as my "go to person" at HMA. I can bounce ideas off him. He is always available to assist me with any problems. Fred is backed up by an entire staff that is knowledgeable about negotiating contracts, accounting, coding, fee schedules, malpractice insurance, HIPAA and other compliance requirements. HMA specializes in assisting physician groups with administrative duties by having regular face-to-face meetings as well as being available by phone or e-mail as problems arise. Fred and HMA are committed to the success of my practice. Our association has been long, strong and one that I anticipate will continue for many more years.

    - Desiree Carlson, MD
    Chief of Pathology, Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital
    President, Carlson Pathology Associates, P.C.
  • HMA's service is not only truly excellent but their response to our needs even off hours goes beyond excellence. They truly care for their clients and really treat them like family and for that we are not only grateful but would be honored to be a source of referrals for years to come.

    - Bruce Novis, MD
    MVP Anesthesia Associates, PC
  • Over 15 years ago, when we first considered hiring HMA, it was hard to imagine why a small anesthesia group like ours would need a business management firm. To our surprise and gratitude, HMA very quickly became an invaluable, integral part of our business. Jonathan and Fred's profound understanding of the "business of Anesthesia," both in Massachusetts and nationwide, has enhanced our standing within our hospital and significantly improved our income. We find their insightful advice consistently helpful and their integrity beyond reproach. They are, quite simply, essential to our current practice.

    Cape Cod Anesthesia Associates, Inc.
  • As a longtime client of Health Management Associates, I have enjoyed the benefits of their comprehensive, personalized practice management expertise. Jonathan's professional and friendly staff provides knowledgeable, insightful and detail-oriented business advice based on years of experience. HMA's outstanding reputation is acknowledged not only by physicians but hospital executives as well.

    Chief of Anesthesia
    Massachusetts Hospital
  • We have worked with HMA for over 18 years.  With the help of Jonathan Richman and Mike Mitchell we have built a successful, independent Pathology practice.  Jonathan and Mike’s availability, accountability and professionalism are unsurpassed.  Their team includes high skilled professionals that make it easy to focus on what we were trained to do… Practice Pathology.

    Chief of Pathology
    Community Hospital Massachusetts
  • Our practice has been a client of HMA for over 16 years and we continue to value their services. They are an excellent resource for anything from third party contract analysis to physician compensation models. They have worked collaboratively with our other support professionals (attorneys, accountants) to help keep our practice running smoothly and have provided the benchmarking and analysis to allow us to evaluate our financial performance on a regular basis. Our practice manager uses HMA phone consultation on a frequent basis for numerous operational issues. HMA has demonstrated the ability to step up the intensity of their services in a timely way when needed and we have never been disappointed by the quality of their work. We would not be using them if we could not recommend them!

    - Terry Garfinkle, MD, MBA
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