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HMA provides physician practice management and consulting services to physicians and hospital executives. HMA’s consultative services cover every aspect of physician practice management, helping our clients to optimize their revenue and meet their business goals.

  • 30+

    HMA Leadership’s Average Tenure

  • 15+

    Average Employee Tenure

  • 100+

    Number of Practices Served

Since 1984

Working with hundreds of physician practices over the years, HMA’s expertise and experience have enabled us to provide our clients with the highest quality business advisory services available for their practice. Our cost-effective and efficient business management solutions allowing our clients to spend less time and money, thereby enabling them to make more of both!


Core Values

Our high standard of service to clients is our number one priority. We strive to work with clients in a collegial style as full-service business partners, and provide professional competency in everything we do.


HMA employees take pride in their client relationships by following HMA's core mission of providing accurate, confidential, independent and objective advice on a timely basis. We recognize that a long term relationship with each client is key to a successful consulting business, so our goal is to help every client succeed in improving their practice and doing so with the utmost integrity. We do our due diligence to ensure that our clients’ decision making is accomplished with total objectivity and with thorough knowledge and understanding of the relevant issues.


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    Long Term Relationships

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    Data Driven

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    Client Customization

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    Professional Competency

HMA specializes in (but is not limited to) physician practices in the following fields:

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    Emergency Medicine

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    Primary Care

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    Cardiac Testing

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    Pain Management

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    Internal Medicine

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    Medical Oncology

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    General Surgery

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    Colon & Rectal Surgery

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    Vascular Surgery

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July 1, 1982

Jonathan Richman worked with a prominent Boston area health care attorney to form The Health Management Group to provide physician practice management services to clients.

March 1, 1984

Jonathan founded Health Management Associates, Inc.  (“HMA”). At that time, both academic and community Pathologists and other hospital-based physicians were transitioning to fee for service billing. Jonathan was there to guide them into this new financial relationship and provide practice development and ongoing business management and bookkeeping services to their practices.


Bill Perry, Jolan Laibson, and Fred Romano joined HMA.


Mike Mitchell joined HMA.

Over 35 Years Later

HMA continues its mission to ensure that each physician practice reaches its financial and organizational potential. Although HMA continues to seek and gain new clients, the majority of our practices have worked with us for over 15 years, including those that were born during the 1980s and 1990s.

  • 1984

    HMA First Opens Its Doors!

  • Today

    Over the years, HMA has proudly served hundreds of practices, the majority for 15+ years!


  • Q

    What types of physician practices do you serve?


    HMA works with (but is not limited to) physician practices in the following specialties:

    Radiology, Anesthesia, Pathology, Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, Primary Care, Cardiac Testing, Pain Management, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, Medical Oncology, Neurosurgery, General Surgery, OB/GYN, Opthalmology, Urology, Orthopedics, Colon & Rectal Surgery, Vascular Surgery, and Otolaryngology.

  • Q

    Do you work with Hospital Executives as well?

    HMA has advised senior hospital executives on a multitude of issues that relate to their employed physicians.
  • Q

    Do you take on just local clients, or national as well?


    HMA has served hundreds of clients in our 35+ years. While the majority of these practices are based in the Massachusetts and New England region, we can successfully provide 100% of our services for clients located anywhere in the country. You can view a client list and client testimonials here.

  • Q

    What services do you provide for your clients?


    HMA serves as a full-service business management partner with our clients by providing the following services:

    Revenue Optimization, Financial Management, Billing Audits & Payment Reviews, Customized Bookkeeping, New Practice Development, Office Operations, Practice Assessment, Data Analysis, Marketplace Surveys, and Strategic Planning.

    For more detailed information about our services, click here.

  • Q

    How long have you been providing your services to clients?


    HMA first opened its doors in 1984. Over 35 years later, HMA has proudly served hundreds of physician practices, many of which have been clients for over 15 years.

    For a more detailed look at our history, click here.

  • Q

    Why should we work with HMA instead of finding in-house solutions or outsourcing to multiple companies?


    HMA provides a cost effective solution to meet your practice’s business needs.  We provide a wide variety of financial, strategic, billing related and bookkeeping expertise, enabling our clients to successfully increase their bottom line and help them meet their business goals. We provide 100% of the services that your practice needs under one roof.

    For more on why HMA is the best solution for your practice, click here.

  • Q

    Where can I see a sample of clients you have worked with?


    You can view HMA’s client list and client testimonials here.

Ready To Hear More?

Ready To Hear More?