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Billing Audits & Payment Reviews

HMA provides clients with comprehensive billing reviews and payment reviews.

Billing Audits

HMA's comprehensive billing reviews provide the client with a detailed analysis of their revenue cycle system. From a randomly selected sample of patient encounters, the review focuses on each step of the process, including: date of service and billing date, fees charged, claims submission to third parties, payments received, comparisons to contracted rates, follow-up efforts, write-offs and the appeal process. We will identify areas for improvement in the billing and payment process and also identify potential compliance risks. Coding audits, with outside consultants, are also provided to identify opportunities for improvement.

Payment Reviews

HMA's comprehensive payment reviews provide a more focused analysis of a larger sample of data. We are equipped to receive and review large downloads of data so that we can compare actual versus expected payment levels in order to ensure that our clients are being reimbursed at contracted rates.

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